History Through The Ages at Hampton Court Castle

23rd & 24th July 2016

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Standard Bearer Re-enactor

Programme of Events

Castle and Gardens open

Browse at your leisure or take a guided tour through the Castle and Gardens

Living History camps open

Visit the civil war and medieval army encampments. Meet and chat with the off-duty soldiers, and have a go at archery yourself. The Living History camp will remain open throughout the day.

Sealed Knot 17th century weapons drill

An introduction to the drums, colours and fighting arms of an English Civil War army.

Court leet

A court leet was used to settle local civil disputes, chaired by the gentry. Visitors can take part in this interactive display, voting to help decide the outcome of the case.

Fine dining display

See the lavish feasts and wide range of dishes enjoyed by the wealthy 17th century nobility.

Medieval archery display

The legendary English longbowmen display their skill-at-arms.

Main Sealed Knot 17th century battle

Hundreds of English Civil War soldiers fight with pike, musket and cannon. Chaos, colour, noise, and smoke.

Meet the army and children's pike drill

An opportunity for children of all ages (and adults) to have a go at being a Civil War pikeman and chat with the soldiers after the battle.